Getting Started with Soldering: A Hands-On Guide to Making Electrical and Mechanical Connections

As someone who learned mainly by trial and error, let me say that any novice would be well-advised to read this book before attempting any projects and going the trial and error route like I did. The book covers all the basics and while soldering is not rocket science, success demands that it be done properly, with the right kind of soldering iron, tools/accessories and procedures. This book will give you all the information you need...

Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw

There are a number of books on the subject of making boxes using a bandsaw. Far fewer offer instructions for making them on a scroll saw. Yet, as Carole Rothman shows in this book, the scrollsaw has inherent advantages for this work. The author's introductory notes are given an unusual twist by being presented as a series of questions. These include: What if I can't get the recommended wood for a project? How can I control warping of...

Les 100 meilleurs tours de magie

Une large et passionnante gamme de tours accessibles a tous et realises a partir d'objets quotidiens. Des explications detaillees accompagnees d'illustrations precises, etape par etape. Des conseils, des astuces pour la creation et la presentation d'un spectacle.

Picture This!: Applique Pictorial Quilts--From Photo to Fabric

I have been a fan of Marcia Stein's quilts for a long time. We even put one of her quilts on the cover of Issue 100 of The Professional Quilter. It's the same quilt that graces the cover of her first book. Subtitled Applique Pictorial Quilts - From Photo to Fabric, this book starts with how to take better photos, how to choose the right photo for a quilt and then how to use your computer to look at the photos to determine value among...

Making Faces in Fabric: Workshop with Melissa Averinos

I really like this book, probably not for anyone that want realistic artwork, but it is a book that will explore proportions in faces and for people that want to be creative. If I want something that exactly like a face I would copy a photo this book let's you utilize your individuality and create something fun

Horoscopes and Public Spheres: Essays on the History of Astrology

This volume engages the specific role of horoscopic astrology in Western culture from antiquity to the nineteenth century. Focusing on the public appearance of astrological rhetoric, the essays break new ground for a better understanding of the function of horoscopes in public discourse. The volume's three parts engage the use of imperial horoscopes in late antiquity, the transformation of doctrines and rhetorics in Islamic medieval ...

Building Arts and Crafts Furniture

I don't agree with the nay sayers about this book. The purpose is to introduce you to Arts and Craft period and furniture, and to give you some ideas and plans. If you are a complete beginner, the plans are not detailed enough, but if you have some basic knowledge, then it's perfect, since it gives the most important part: dimensions and proportions. Joinery details, etc. can be figured out as you go, but some of us just aren't super...

Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, 2nd edition

I got some of my queries answered using this book which I could not do so with 2-3 previous books. So I feel it is a value for money book and worth reading This text introduces structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, emphasizing conventional aircraft. It considers structural dynamics, static aeroelasticity, and dynamic aeroelasticity. The structural dynamics material emphasizes vibration, the modal representation, and dynamic respons...

Lovely Lacy Knits: Beautiful Projects Embellished with Ribbon, Flowers, Beads, and More

Gorgeously soft and romantic, the beautiful lacy knits in this book beg to be touched and worn against the skin. These unique, feminine pieces, embellished with photos, beads, and other accents, will be the focal point of any outfit. Delicate lace knit patterns for scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves, slippers, and socks Learn to use a variety of embellishment techniques, including sewn and beaded accents, to give your knits personali...