The Women of Country Music: A Reader

Women have been pivotal in the country music scene since its inception, as Charles K. Wolfe and James E. Akenson make clear in The Women of Country Music. Their groundbreaking volume presents the best current scholarship and writing on female country musicians. Beginning with the 1920s career of teenage guitar picker Roba Stanley, the contributors go on to discuss Polly Jenkins and Her Musical Plowboys, 50s honky-tonker Rose Lee Maph...

Interpreting the Musical Past: Early Music in Nineteenth-Century France

"Few scholars other than Katharine Ellis could have written Interpreting the Musical Past. For this monograph draws extensively on the author's substantial experience with French music criticism, as well as her sophisticated understanding of that nation's political and cultural history. There is also very clearly an active musician behind the pen here, one sensitive to issues of musical style and performance practices. It is an exemp...

Vesper and Compline Music for One Principal Voice

This volume is part of a series of 25 full-score volumes of 17th-century Italian sacred music, a repertoire that has largely been unavailable for study or performance. It includes a comprehensive historical and biographical introduction, focuses on composers significant in their own time, and offers modern notation for contemporary performers.

Polyphonic Minds: Music of the Hemispheres

The pianist and physicist Peter Pesic, whose fascinating book Polyphonic Minds: Music of the Hemispheres traces the role musical polyphony has played in man's understanding of the mind. In a series of distinctive books published by MIT, he has looked at, thought about, and listened to the world. Wandering between the sciences and the arts, he has addressed fascinating questions such as why the sky is (seen as) blue.... Not only philo...

Michael Tippett's Fifth String Quartet: A Study in Vision and Revision

Thomas Schuttenhelm provides a detailed account of the events leading up to and throughout the compositional process associated with Michael Tippett’s Fifth String Quartet and a comprehensive analysis of the entire quartet. The commentary discusses this work in the context of Tippett’s creative development and places it within the historical context of the genre of the string quartet. The commentary includes interviews with the membe...

Perspectives on the Grateful Dead: Critical Writings

"This book adds another significant piece toward solving the enigmatic puzzle of the Grateful Dead and Deadheads by bringing together a wide variety of writings about the music and the fans. No matter if you're a true believer yourself, these writings help explain the near-religious devotion of the fans, dissect the meaning of lyrics, and examine the culture of the Deadheads in intelligent, well-written articles."-F. Barry Barnes, As...

Materials and Techniques of Post Tonal Music, 4th Edition

Introduces basic concepts of contemporary post-tonal music theory. Provides a comprehensive text covering analytical and compositional aspects of post tonal music from the early 1900’s through today. This text provides the most comprehensive analytical approach to post-tonal music available from Impressionism to recent trends. It covers music from the early 1900s through such movements as Minimalism and the Neoromanticism, and includ...

Sight Singing Complete (8 edition)

Students of music are faced with the challenge of developing their aural skills to the point at which they can see music on the page with thoughtful, trained eyes and hear it with their mind’s ear. Sight Singing Complete, leads students to this point by beginning with the familiar and moving gently toward the unfamiliar until they are transforming symbol into sound and improvising in all idioms. The 8th edition of Sight Singing Compl...